Online Reputation Management

When searching for local businesses online, reviews and ratings are shown at the search engine. Negative reviewers are always the most vocal. Happy customers and clients generally don't take the time to post positive reviews. Many online businesses suffer from the few bad apples being the loudest, while the majority of their customers are satisfied with their experience.

How We Can Help

We can fix this problem by directing your customers to a review page which we control. If the review is positive, it will be posted at online review locations which show up on your local business search result at the search engine. Negative feedback will be forwarded to you in private email, rather that being posted online for the world to see. This allows you to respond and rectify any situation if necessary, while keeping your reputation intact.

Our system encourages positive reviews to continue to flow, while redirecting negative feedback directly to you. This allows your online reputation to remain positive while still giving your customers a chance to verbalize any problems or negative experience they wish to convey. You may then follow-up on any complaint before your online reputation is tarnished.